Insight Scanning

Advanced technology to access the impact of stress on your nervous system.

At Natural Chiropractic & Acupuncture we utilize a computerized, non- invasive technology that scans the spine and delivers a detailed image of the stress and tension on your nervous system.

Our InsightTM Subluxation Station consist of three different instruments: Heart rate variability scan, sEMG Static/Dynamic and NeuralThermalTM scan.

Heart Rate Variability Scan, looks at the timing of your pulse, determining your body’s overall ability to adapt to stress. This helps look at the balance and tone of your nervous system.

sEMG Static/Dynamic: measures how certain muscle groups are functioning. Specifically, the paraspinal muscle activity and neuro-muscular energy expenditure.

NeuralThermTM Scanner: examines your autonomic nervous system, which helps control your organs, glands, and blood vessels.

Once your body has been analyzed through our state-of-the-art technology, we can assess your scans and determine the most effective chiropractic treatment to aid your well-being. Learn more about our chiropractic work here.